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About us

The Youth Parliament, founded under the Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Youth Affairs of National Assembly in 2004. It is established to support youth participation in législative process. In July 2005 ‘Youth Parliament’ was registered as a NGO.

  Our Mission

‘Youth Parliament’ NGO is an organization to support youth active participation in legislative process and developing civil society in Armenia and to strengthen democracy increasing participation of Armenian youth in the democratization. It also supports youth Armenian youth cooperate with international youth and Diaspora.

  The main goals:

  •    To help youth in political, economic, administrative, legal, social and cultural sectors prepare for their duties
  •    To develop political dialogue and political debate between YP members and high officials and cooperate with them
  •    To promote acceleration of democratization processes, human rights protection and consolidation of civil society in Armenia 
  •    To promote and discuss legislative reforms, giving some offers, in all the fields of public life in the view of approximation of Armenian legislative framework 
  •    To establish links with the Youth parliaments of different countries, Diaspora youth centers and other international youth centers
  •    To establish regional branches of YP involving youth from different regions to participate in YP work
  •    To reach the pressing issues of the youth in an operative way to the Parliament and Government 
  •    To organize international and local forums
  •    To carry out research and analysis in the policy agenda of Armenia

 Members of YP are the young representatives of:

  • creative unions,
  • different political parties,
  • student councils,
  • NGO-s,
  • public institutions,
  • young people.
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