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About us

Realized Projects

  •    Discussed more than 30 law drafts during which were admitted suggestions made by the YP members
  •    Represented 2 law drafts by YP which were accepted
  •    Participated as observers in Referendum, Parliamentary elections, Presidental elections. 
  •    Organized:
    •  A number of forums, discussions, briefings, round tables, press conferences 
    •  Cultural exhibitions of young artists 
    •  Cultural events 
    •  Nomination in cultural, educational, social and political fields 
    •  Planted 90 trees in the area of Tsitsernakaberd devoted to the 90 anniversary of the Genocide
  •    Every year at the memorial to the Genocide organizing the hover of the doves as a signs of peace and Armenian eternity
  •    Enriching school libraries and Military Academy after V. Sargsyan 
  •    Organizing seminars and training among youth to develop their participation in business projects


  Current projects

  •    Participation of regional youth in legislative process
  •    Young politician 
  •    Entrepreneurship program training
  •    Enlarging branches of YP in Armenian regions to involve youth of the regions into legislative process
  •    Organizing cultural scientific conference related to the cultural genocide
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